Film Festivals Recognize Ocean Today

Congratulations to the NOS Studio Team for another impressive production and award for their Ocean Today special feature “Adventures of a Maritime Archaeologist.” The short film was chosen as an official selection to play at the 2022 International Ocean Film Festival and the 2022 Thunder Bay International Film Festival. It chronicles the largely unexplored archeological frontier of the ocean floor and featuring the National Marine Sanctuary at Thunder Bay that protects hundreds of Great Lakes wrecks, excellently preserved in the cold waters of Lake Huron. Shipping has been extremely important in the development of humanity; archeology of shipwrecks exposes peoples stories, communities and cultures. Take a dive with us into the cold waters of Lake Huron to explore what it means to be an ocean archeologist at the link above!

We are extremely proud to be part of these long running and prestigious events that have attracted thousands of spectators from around the world, including film enthusiasts, water sports fans, educators, and environmental supporters.