Helping Our Neighbors

In service to our commitment to support our people and communities, ISS values the stories of compassion and assistance that emerge within our network. Recently, Ryan Kerestesy, one of our own, shared his inspiring journey of aiding his neighbor Mike, a disabled Vietnam Navy veteran, in securing housing and averting homelessness.

Mike’s life journey, marked by service and resilience, faced an unexpected challenge when his housing situation became precarious. Mike’s home of 15 years was unexpectedly put up for sale and sold. Tragically, Mike was left scrambling for a new residence with little warning—in the middle of winter. At 70 years old, with limited income and vision impairment, navigating the current rental market proved daunting. Despite nonprofit and VA resources available, finding suitable accommodations for Mike was elusive.

With a beloved pet dog and the burden of financial uncertainty, Mike eventually became overwhelmed. Despite valiant efforts to confront these hurdles alone, the weight of his predicament eventually became too much to bear, leading him to confide in his neighbor, Ryan. Ryan, stepping in as a beacon of support, embarked on a relentless search to secure housing for Mike. Despite numerous setbacks and challenges—such as limited availability, pet restrictions, and accessibility issues—Ryan’s determination prevailed, eventually fronting Mike the security deposit to secure a townhouse apartment just in time. ISS contributed funds for essential appliances to help solidify Mike’s living situation.

Mike’s story serves as a poignant reminder of the varied struggles individuals face, often unnoticed until dire circumstances arise. At ISS, we believe in the power of collective action and community service. We invite you to share your stories of assistance and advocacy, to foster a culture of empathy and support within our company and beyond.

Let us continue to recognize the needs of those around us and extend a helping hand whenever possible. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of others, embodying the spirit of compassion and solidarity that defines ISS.