How Many Named Atlantic Storms Do You Think There Were in 2020?

Can you believe there were 30 of them?! NOAA Ocean Today wants to know how fast you can say all 30 Named Atlantic Storms in there recent award winning piece “Climate Alive! 2020: How Fast Can You Say All of 2020’s Named Atlantic Storms?” Winning first place in the News category of the National Association of Government Communicators 2022 Blue Pencil & Gold Screen Awards, the piece takes takes a comedic approach to explaining climate change to the public. The video is directed at students but includes a wide variety of cultural references to reach their parents and educators as well. The film starts out by reminding the viewer of how comparatively hot the last summers have been, and builds on this to show the climate of the Atlantic over time and connects that to the trending increase of extreme weather and tropical storms. For some concise climate context and some clever behavior tips to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions as an individual click here and learn the names and story of 2020s 30 storms!