ISS Provides Expertise in Creating NOAA 50th Anniversary Videos

ISS was selected in the Fall of 2019 to write, produce, edit, and narrate new videos commemorating NOAA’s 50th Anniversary in 2020 intended for extensive use in year-long celebration activities. ISS staff worked closely with NOAA personnel to develop video content. As part of this process, ISS conducted and participated in storyboard scripting, end-to-end video capture, video production and assembly, video editing, coaching of interviewees and actors, audio mixing, narrated recordings, addition of captions, and processing and exporting of final video files. ISS repeatedly received accolades throughout 2020 from senior NOAA executives for the quality of the NOAA 50th Anniversary videos. 

Links to videos with ISS involvement are below.

NOAA 50th Anniversary – a Message From Our Partners

50 Years of Science, Service, and Stewardship

NOAA 50th Anniversary – Our People