Improve Your Business Processes with Smartsheet

ISS uses Smartsheet to connect knowledge workers across the organization on asynchronous and collaborative projects. We use Smartsheet as both a project management and digital asset management tool for corporate back office functions and our customer’s mission critical operations.

Project Management: Smartsheet facilitates the building of Gantt charts and project management plans for workers assigned to specific aspects of projects, providing tracking of due dates, goals, and risks. We build out complex project plans in Smartsheet using distributed workflow and easy to use features such as collapsible menus and control logic, providing companywide access to project visualizations, due dates and assignments. We use automated workflow features to approve various stages of work, moving tasks and work product to completion and integrating them into their respective project. We configure automated workflows send notifications, ask for approvals, and execute complex data calls based on the requirements of each project.

Content Creation: Similarly, we use Smartsheet to support digital content management and the building of marketing collateral. Smartsheet facilitates our company-wide, controlled collateral creation process. We use a Smartsheet dashboard & form to collect ideas and accomplishments to be featured from the staff. This allows us to capture ideas and events as they happen from employees that work across a variety of jobs and customer contracts. When an idea is submitted our copywriter gets a notification. From there they build draft documents to be approved, revise those for final content approval, and propose artwork and layout for publishing. Editors are notified as artifacts and content are advanced, they approve or decline work at defined gates; and our copywriter is automatically notified to move to the next stage or revisit the criteria of the previous gate.

The ability to rapidly and affordably build tools that use automated workflows to request and log information from relevant parties and roles makes Smartsheet a uniquely functional user-friendly workflow development environment. The user-friendly environment enables the people who are expert in the products they create and the processes required to deliver them to build workflows, to ensure quality, and to optimize process productivity and effect. Smartsheet licensing model facilitates input and viewing from non-licensed users, so that your entire team can monitor and work on your teams smartsheet products while only builders of products need to pay for the service. ISS is a Smartsheet Partner and can help your team understand the tool’s capabilities and think about how to apply them to your processes and business requirements. Reach out to ISS today to ask our team of experienced Smartsheet developers how Smartsheet solutions might improve your productivity.