NOAA Ocean Today Recognized for Another Conservation Film

Are you afraid of sharks? Maybe a brief education can calm your fears. Take a look at ISS’ NOAA Ocean Today Teams’ short film “Cause a Sea Change: Save Sharks.” The film has been recognized and selected for screening at three upcoming film festivals! It will be showing at the Florida Environmental Film Festival May 13th through the 23rd followed by the Blue Water Film Festival June 2nd through the 5th, and finally at Paris Shark Fest September 16th through 18th.

The short lays out the probabilities of shark attacks against other more likely improbabilities. It explains the problem of shark finning and overfishing and illustrates how sharks play a vital role in the health of our ocean. The film touts the good work of NOAA and the U.S. Government who have supported the protection of many shark species in U.S. waters. Take a look and learn about the conservation success in the U.S. and why sharks are in trouble elsewhere—and what you can do to help!

Congratulations to Kurt Mann and Jed Winer for another celebrated short film!